Billy Tuggle is Karma Threesixty

Writer, Verbalist, HipHop Culturalist
Threehundred sixty degrees and rising



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At First Sight
from PolyRhythmic Anthology

Bush Doctor
from Conscience Under Pressure

Concrete Lion
from Conscience Under Pressure

Couldn't Dream Like This

Marvel Girl

Negroampliphobia or Fear of a Black Rock
from PolyRhythmic Anthology

Untitled (from Love Can Damage Your Hue)

Untitled 04

Untitled 7/10/6

Warpaint, Part 2 or To the Rookie at the Wall of Fame


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Conscience Under Pressure  -  Billy Tuggle is Karma Threesixty

Fractal Edge Press 2004


PolyRhythmic Anthology

Fractal Edge Press 2004


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