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Kent Forman With Andi Kauth and
Theresa Davis
2010 ARGS Finals Night   With Copperhead Red,
Lauren Begent, Andi Kauth
and Seth Walker
At Bowery Poetry Club, NYC with Jon Sands, Jeanann Verlee, Christine Hatch,
Omar "Ion" Holman; slightly pictured, Briam "Omni" Dillon


  Annie O'Neil At Green Mill LaShaun phoenix Moore Molly Meacham



Marc Smith (so what!) Cassie Poe Aricka ephiphany Foreman Robbie Q Telfer Joel Chamara



Kalimah Johnson from Detroit Lucy Anderton Brandie Madrid Taalam Acey Wonder Dave



Trio De La Pena at Red Kiva, Chicago
DJ Jesse De La Pena; Evan Coleman - Sax and Flute; Rick Gerhart - Keyboards; plus Dirty MF - Vocals; and Avery R. Young - Vocals



DJ Gogo at Red Kiva Jive Poetic (Brooklyn) DJ Dreadrock   Tim Cook



Ben Stupid, Secret Agent Bill Ahav Dave Trost Annie & Dave Linden Kimball & The World's Greatest Grandpa



Glenwood Arts Festival '07 Haji Outlaw Kristen Ronee Pete Wolf Andikat at Bucktown Fest '07



Bucktown Arts festival '07 "Falling Unrequited" Tennessee Mary Fons Mary, Andi and me Emily Rose



Tennessee Mary Fons Tye Dye Sky Dennis Florine Pete Wolf The Lip Reading at the Spot



Dennis Florine I am not my hair (Andikat) Impeach Bush Rally - Loyola U. Chicago A & B at the Winds Cafe



Gregorio Gomez at
the Winds Cafe
Shahbaz & Pete
at the Winds Cafe
Slammistress Andi &
Dad, Ken Kauth
Dennis Florine Shannon Leigh
    Palatine, Illinois Metra Station



Andikat...ROAR! Eli Chen   Palatine Metra Station Hannibal & the Webmistress



Shannon Leigh
at Safe Smiles
Shannon & Dennis
at Heartland
Shannon Leigh at In One Ear, Heartland Cafe With Emily Rose at the Lip Reading Tristan Silverman Standing room only at Safe Smiles



Tim Stafford at Safe Smiles Nikki Tease at Safe Smiles Tristan Silverman at In One Ear


The Pugilists Safe Smiles feature Nick Fox Safe Smiles feature Nick Fox Safe Smiles feature  



Momma Maria McCray @ Weeds Dan Sully, birthday '07, Funky Buddha Lounge Haji Outlaw,
Safe Smiles @ Trace
Z on the mic,
Safe Smiles
Andi Kauth,
the padawan comes of age!



billy1.jpg (34790 bytes) billy3.jpg (11663 bytes) HPIM1574.JPG (41122 bytes) billy2.jpg (26041 bytes) IMGP0347.JPG (157501 bytes)
In One Ear, Heartland Cafe, Chicago Athenaeum Theatre, Chicago Matrix Arts Slam, 7/06, Bloomington, IN Sox Park, 7/4 
That Championship Year!
Webmistress' Birthday @  Heartland Cafe 



billyaug05.gif (28844 bytes) Billy-Tugul.jpg (110962 bytes) IMG_9650.jpg (56809 bytes) IMG_9653.jpg (42194 bytes) 841253-R1-004-0A.jpg (41637 bytes)
A random-ass Monday @ Weeds, Chicago Safe Smiles Palatine, IL 7/05 Palatine, IL 7/05 2006 Bucktown Arts Festival, Chicago





DSC_0406.JPG (824529 bytes) 1157932619_l.jpg (4256 bytes) billy7.jpg (33762 bytes) DSCF2117.jpg (68686 bytes) DSCF2119.jpg (79016 bytes) millie@weeds.jpg (32602 bytes)
With Mike McGee With Q Mental Graffiti 05 Slam Team With Andi Kauth With Mike & Alvin With Millie @ Weeds


millie.jpg (35316 bytes)

841253-R1-024-10A.jpg (92622 bytes)

841253-R1-028-12A.jpg (82585 bytes)

841253-R1-032-14A.jpg (93135 bytes)

841253-R1-036-16A.jpg (101085 bytes)

841253-R1-038-17A.jpg (130617 bytes)

With Millie Fiore With Lucky 7  With Gabriel  With Paulie Lipman With L.O.G.I.C. With Sage Francis
from Houston from Oakland from Kalamazoo, MI from Denver from Ann Arbor, MI


841254-R1-018-7A.jpg (133527 bytes) 841254-R1-022-9A.jpg (121471 bytes) 841254-R1-032-14A.jpg (99118 bytes) 841253-R1-044-20A.jpg (87385 bytes) 841254-R1-008-2A.jpg (112011 bytes)
With JW Baz With Alvin Lau With Dennis Tim Cook  Karen Ladson
from Palatine, IL & Brandy Madrid & Kim Johnson 


841253-R1-046-21A.jpg (84958 bytes) 841253-R1-048-22A.jpg (78758 bytes) 841253-R1-052-24A.jpg (145857 bytes) 841254-R1-028-12A.jpg (110041 bytes) 841254-R1-030-13A.jpg (122316 bytes)
In Austin JW Baz Alvin Lau Palo Alto slam team Andi &  Mike

841254-R1-040-18A.jpg (48804 bytes) 841253-R1-026-11A.jpg (208335 bytes) 841254-R1-026-11A.jpg (115494 bytes)
Ms. Spelt E.Z.R.A. Baz & Molly:
from Vancouver from Minneapolis We got your backs!


billy4.jpg (35252 bytes) billy5.jpg (46607 bytes) billy8.jpg (889327 bytes) billy15.jpg (561374 bytes) billyshewantsrevenge.jpg (39147 bytes)
Common  Atmosphere Debbie Harry   50 Cent She Wants Revenge The Webmistress
          with Stephen and Damian Marley Welcome to Bloomrock!


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flyer11.jpg (1468557 bytes) flyer13.jpg (541184 bytes) flyer14.jpg (4081228 bytes) press6.jpg (805768 bytes) flyer16.jpg (1270931 bytes)


flyer17.jpg (980005 bytes) flyer19.jpg (711360 bytes) flyer20.jpg (4101033 bytes) flyer21.jpg (4447623 bytes) flyer23a.jpg (1465560 bytes)



pass1.jpg (266652 bytes) pass2.jpg (802280 bytes) pass3.jpg (387616 bytes) pass4.jpg (664977 bytes)


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