Billy Tuggle a.k.a. Karma Threesixty is a vocalist, performance poet, mentor, student, and HipHop culturalist. Since 2004, he has been a member of the Chicago multimedia arts collective PolyRhythmic and, in 2009, co-founded the Chicago Four Star Poetry Club with Andi Kauth.  Billy has co-hosted “In One Ear” at the Heartland Café since 2008 with Pete Wolf. As of 2010, Billy is a member of the Arkansas Grand Slam organizing committee.

Billy has been published in such anthologies as The Columbia Poetry Review #14, The 16th & Mission Review, Minglewood Haiku and Learn Then Burn. His first chapbook, Conscience Under Pressure, was published by Fractal Edge Press. Since 2004, he has recorded and released 3 CDs: Flawed Glory (Live Mental Graffiti), Syllabalistics 101 with DJ Risky Bizness, and Turnstyles. In the independent film Urban Poet [New Film Productions, 2002], he played himself.

Billy has been active in the Temple of HipHop for over a decade. Music and poetry have led him to share stages with Brother Ali, Pevin Everett, the Large Professor, Denizen Kane of Typical Cats, DJ Spinna, Jesse De La Pena, Saul Williams, KRS-ONE and “American Idol” finalist Crystal Bowersox.

Billy has represented the Chicago area at the National Poetry Slam 7 years running. Other slam accomplishments include Rustbelt Regional champion- 2006, finalist 2008; Chicago Grand Slam Champion- 2008; NPS semifinalist 2006, 2008; Arkansas Grand Slam finalist and Grand Haikuster- 2009; Lethal Poetry/Chicago Grand Slam Champion 2010. Other teammates and collaborators have included Def Poets Nikki Patin, Marty McConnell, Alvin Lau and Death From Below plus Tristan Silverman, Jon Sands, Laura Yes Yes and JW Baz; all inter/national slam competition finalists. Billy has been a regular volunteer for the Women of the World Poetry Slam, Louder Than A Bomb, the Chicago youth slam, and Brave New Voices.

Billy has also appeared in the educational video Literature Launchers for McGraw-Hill. He has performed, facilitated workshops or has just plain spoken to students at or for the University of Chicago; Columbia College (Chicago); Northwestern University; the University of Minnesota; the University of Connecticut; Hampshire College (Massachusetts); the University of California-Santa Cruz; Humboldt State University, and, in addition to other colleges across America, middle and high schools all over Chicagoland.



Published Works:

"Is" 14th Columbia Poetry Review, 2001 Columbia College, Chicago, IL

"Bush Doctor" and "Rough Draft", 2004 Mental Graffiti Slam Team Chapbook © 2004 Mental Graffiti

Conscience Under Pressure; 2004 Fractal Edge Press

PolyRhythmic Anthology/2004 Poetry Venue Series; 2004 Fractal Edge Press

"Marvel Girl" and "Concrete Lion" You Are Here: The Team Palatine Chapbook; © 2007 Palatine Poetry Slam

"Unheard Testimony" The 16th & Mission Review spring 2008; copyright 2008 seven7h tangent

"Rough Draft", Learn Then Burn © 2010 Write Bloody Publishing



Das Bruce "I Think I'm In Love" (backing vocals): 1998 Northport records NPT-1008

"Karmadelic", from The Syllabus: A Guide to Chicago Hip Hop; 2001 by DJ Risky Bizness/800lb. Gorillas

"Said and Done" from Vector Sigma Presents The Key Volume 1; 2003 Third op records

Billy Tuggle Flawed Glory, 2005 CheckthebackpackRecords CTB-0001

Billy Tuggle Karmaquarius presents Syllaballistics 101; Mixed by DJ Risky Bizness, 2005 CheckthebackpackRecords CTB-0002

Billy Tuggle Turnstyles, 2010 CheckthebackpackRecords CTB-0003



"Concrete Lion" from PolyRhythmic Presents Safe Smiles; 2003 PolyRhythmic DVD

Glencoe Literature Launchers (ISBN 10: 0-07-875794-0), © 2007 McGraw Hill/Glencoe



Urban Poet; 2004 New Film Productions



National Poetry Slam Competitor:

2010 Mental Graffiti/Chicago - 21st of 76 teams

2009 Mental Graffiti/Chicago

2008 Mental Graffiti/Chicago Grand Slam Champion - Semi-finalists

2007 Palatine, Illinois
also qualified for 2007 Mental Graffiti/Chicago team

2006 Mental Graffiti/Chicago - Semi-finalists

2005 Mental Graffiti/Chicago

2004 Mental Graffiti/Chicago


Midwest Slam Champions:

2006 Mental Graffiti/Chicago, winners of the Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam


Other Compeitions:

2010 Lethal Poetry Chicago Grand Slam Champion

2010 Gwendolyn Brooks Open Mic Award - Semi-finalist

2009 Arkansas Grand Slam Haiku Champion and ARGS Finalist

2008 Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam with Mental Graffiti/Chicago - Finalists

2005 Winners of The Great Lakes Classic (Palatine, IL), Mental Graffiti/Chicago

2005 Cornerstone Promotions NeoSoul Poetry Slam, Chicago - Finalist



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